Hi my name is Daria!

I’m London based professional photographer with over 8 years’ experience working across a wide range of commercial projects, including weddings, families, children, events, corporate portrait and team shoots that reflects the culture of an organisation, alongside product and service photography for social media and websites.

Photography is my passion and my life’s work. My photographic thinking is influenced by my time at university, where I specialised in journalism and recognised the power of the photographic image, its visual representation of the world and the importance that an image conveys in great storytelling. It led me to a style of thinking in how I want to capture each image — a discipline that I carry through with me today.

It means my vision of photography is not a random set of pictures, but a story in images. My stories have different ranges, details and viewing angles.

If you’re looking to tell your story through photographs, please contact me for an initial chat!

Myself. Photographer in London Daria Agafonova